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Uniquely adapted to your child

Uniquely adapted to your child

We strive to understand each student’s goals and areas for improvement before designing individual programs for maximum impact.

Kindy to yr 12

Kindy to Year 12

Students of all ages can benefit from tutoring, whether to feed their passion for learning, increase confidence in the classroom, catch up on missed school or help with specific blind spots.


Experienced tutors

All our tutors are highly motivated university students, who role model excellence in academic achievement and have a passion for inspiring young learners.



All our tutors are highly motivated university students, who role model excellence in academic achievement and have a passion for inspiring young learners.

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About tutorweb

Hello, my name is Cassie and I am an experienced tutor. I created tutorweb to make tutoring more accessible to those who need it. My focus is not just on educating students, but on providing a stimulating environment to nurture a passion for learning. Tutoring can provide a more personal bond between the teacher and learner, and I wanted to provide an approachable place to find the right tutor for every child.

As tutors, we acknowledge that all learners are unique individuals, and of course this calls for a different educating process for each one. We strive to find the best approach towards your child’s schooling goals, addressing weak points and aspirations – we will not take on a student unless we believe we can reinforce these needs. Overall, we aspire to boost their confidence, performance and spirit for learning.

We provide tutoring both face to face (for students living on Sydney’s North Shore) and online. In the past many parents may have preferred the idea of face to face learning, however given the recent pandemic, the shift from classrooms to online platforms has been proven successful. It has provided a golden opportunity for students to access their education anywhere, anytime and shown that online learning can be as effective as in person teaching. Although we provide both options, I encourage parents to consider the possibility of connecting your children to tutors at a distance. 

Introducing our Tutors


Hi! My name is Carly and I graduated in 2019 as an HSC All Rounder with an ATAR of 98. I am a passionate tutor for mathematics and english, as a former student of accelerated maths course, completing extension 2 maths as well as extension 1 english in HSC.

From my teaching experience, I believe both maths and english are subjects where building the fundamentals is essential. I understand every student learns at a different pace, and I am confident in my patient and creative explanation of difficult concepts that allow students to understand each topic thoroughly.



Hello, my name is Cassie and I am an experienced tutor in a range of subjects (mainly English and Maths). If your child needs some extra support in high school or primary school work – especially given these confusing times – I would be delighted to help out. I can provide general support for all students from Kindy to Year 12 in organising workloads or helping with specific subjects to elevate confidence and success. Achieving a 96 atar, I know how to study smart; with minimal time and maximum effectiveness.


Hi, I am Karen and I specialise in tutoring Primary Maths and English, Yr7-10 Maths and English and also Selective (NSW).

Having graduated from North Sydney Girls High School in 2019, I am prepared to help your child with any of their needs. I have worked with kids from Pre-Kindy to Year 10 before and it is always rewarding to help them experience the joys of learning. Through encouragement, support, and practice, I am confident that we can achieve his/her best in any of their studies.

My key focus is to help your child improve and become more confident in their studies but more importantly themselves.


Hi! My name is Kristen and I am a dedicated tutor for English and Maths as well as science (including chemistry and biology HSC subjects). If your child needs some extra support – whether in kindergarten or year 12, I would be more than happy to provide a positive learning environment in which your child can grow in confidence. I strongly believe in catering to each student’s unique learning style, and as such, I strive to adapt the pace of learning and methods of revision to best suit the student.

I graduated in 2020 and am familiar with the new syllabus for maths advanced, maths extension 1 and English advanced. I also provide organisational support, in helping to manage workloads and create study timetables to maximise the effectiveness of study time.

Satisfied parents

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Parent Yr 11 student 
My son was very disorganised, but with Cassie’s help he was able to come up with a revision plan that enabled him to pass his Year 11 English Advanced exam and go on to Year 12. Cassie was always organised and able to gently encourage Josh in the right direction and gave him the confidence to sit and pass his exams.
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Parent Yr 7 student

My son was studying at public school year 6 in 2020.

His maths is at average level at his class. I have found Cassie who provided tutoring for Year 7 math material. At beginning I am a little bit worried if my son can get along well with her and if any improvement can be made. After 6 months I am happy to see his school math report is high, more positively he is very confident with solving hard questions. I would say the tutoring is really useful. Cassie is such a talented girl and full of energy. She is really caring for her students. 

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 Yr 11 student

Carly has tutored me for the past 3 months. She is always on time, well prepared and organised for each lesson. She prepares challenging questions and homework to revise. For practice she provides many past papers and topic overview sheets for exams. Her clear explanations and teaching methods have helped me improve and solve mathematical problems. I highly recommend her as a tutor.

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Parent Yr 8 student

My daughter although a very diligent student found it difficult to understand Maths concepts in the Year 8 syllabus. Cassie was able to take the time to explain and rephrase these concepts in a way that made it more meaningful to Gemma. She finished Year 8 exceptionally well thanks to Cassie and went from assuming she would do Maths Intermediate in Year 9 to now feeling confident to choose Maths Advanced as her Year 9 Maths stream.




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